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01. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 149278 NG 102 flown by Lt Giles R. Norrington & Lt Richard G. Tangeman, RVAH-1, USS Enterprise, May 1968

02. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 156617 AJ 601 assigned to Cdr Miefert & LCdr Lamb, RVAH-1, USS America, 1974

05. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 156638 NK 611 assigned to Lt Carter & LtJg Christensen, RVAH-1, USS Enterprise. 1976

06. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 147860 GJ 311 flown by Ens Steve Gaylor (first flight in the RA-5C) & LCDR Souders, RVAH-3, 29 October 1974

07. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 147856 GJ 310 flown by LtJg Phil Palmatier, RVAH-3, 30 October 1974

08. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 156641 GJ 300 flown by Lt Ken Johnson, RVAH-3, 10 February 1975

10. RA-5C Vigilante BuNo 149306 NG 101 assigned to Cdr Paul Werner, RVAH-5, USS Ranger. 1964
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