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01. FGR.Mk.2 XV419 flown by Sqn Ldr G. Arkell-Hardwick and Sqn Ldr D. Reed of No.54 Squadron, RAF Wattisham, 18 May, 1970

02. FGR.Mk.2 XV479 J flown by Flt Lt Richard ‘Dick' Northcote & Flt Lt Steve B. Cox of No.54 Squadron, RAF Wattisham, 12 October, 1971

03. FGR.Mk.2 XV477 C flown by Flt Lt Christopher M. Haynes & Flt Lt Martin Smith of No.6 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 21 November, 1972

04. FGR.Mk.2 XV397 K flown by Sqn Ldr George Roberts & Flt Lt David N. Baker of No.17 Squadron, RAF Bruggen, 1 June, 1973

05. FGR.Mk.2 XV427 X flown by Flt Lt Keith A. Spawton & Flt Lt Michael A. Harrison of No.17 Squadron, RAF Bruggen, 22 August, 1973

06. FGR.Mk.2 XV493 F flown by Grp Capt David R.K. Bluke & Flt Lt Terence W. Kirkland of No.41 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 9 August, 1974

07. FGR.Mk.2 XV431 flown by Flt Lt Ray Pilley and Flt Lt Kevin Toal of No.31 Squadron, RAF Bruggen, 11 October, 1974

08. FGR.Mk.2 XV416 H flown by Flt Lt Phil Tolman and Flt Lt P. Trotter of No.111 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 3 March, 1975

09. FG.Mk.1 XV580 Q flown by Flt Lt Jack Hammil & Fg Off Tim Wright of No.43 Squadron, RAF Leuchars, 18 September, 1975

10. FGR.Mk.2 XV405 flown by Flt Lt Smith and Flt Lt Rob Lunn of 228 OCU, RAF Coningsby, 24 November, 1975
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