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Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) F/A-18A/B flown by the Blue Angels
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02. F/A-18A BuNo.161959 No. 2 assigned to LCdr Anthony Walley, Right Wing of the Blue Angels

03. F/A-18A BuNo.161948 No. 3 assigned to Capt Clint Harris, Left Wing of the Blue Angels

04. F/A-18A BuNo.161942 No. 4 assigned to LCdr Tom Winkler, Slot of the Blue Angels

04. F/A-18A BuNo.162897 No. 5 assigned to LCdr John Allison, Lead Solo of the Blue Angels

04. F/A-18A BuNo.162437 No. 6 assigned to LCdr Kevin Davis, Opposing Solo of the Blue Angels

07. F/A-18B BuNo.161943 No. 7 assigned to Major Nathan Miller, Narrator and Lt Dan McShane, Events Coordinator of the Blue Angels
If you or a relative crewed any of the airplane types currently available on this site why not commission your own side view. I would need any photos that exist and information such as serial numbers etc., so that I can get all the details correct. For full information relating to the details I would require please go to the reference section. If the aircraft type you crewed is not covered please E-mail me, I may well be planning to include it soon.

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