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There are currently 66 side views in this collection and are arranged by Geschwader order. The artworks depict aces aircraft that served in Western Europe, North Africa, Italy and Russia.
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If you or a relative crewed any of the airplane types currently available on this site why not commission your own side view. For full information relating to cost and details I would require please go here.
All the artworks on this site are available in print form (top right). To view an actual print of one of these artworks click here.

01. Bf 109G-1 'White 11', flown by Oberleutant Julius Meimberg, Staffelkapitan 11./JG 2, November 1942

03. Bf 109G-6/Trop 'Black Double Chevron', flown by Major Franz Beyer, Gruppenkommandeur lV./JG 3, August 1943

04. Bf 109G-1 'Black 1', flown by Oberleutnant Hans-Jurgen Westphal, Staffelkapitan 11./JG 26. November 1942

06. Bf 109G-6/R6 Trop 'White 9', flown by Oberleutnant Emil Clade, Staffelkapitan 7./JG 27, January 1944

07. Bf 109G-2/Trop 'Red 1', Hauptmann Werner Schroer, Staffelkapitan 8./JG 27, February 1943

09. Bf 109G-6 'Black Chevron/Triangle', flown by Hauptmann Karl Rammelt, Gruppenkommandeur Il./JG 51, February 1944

10. Bf 109G-2/Trop 'White 5', flown by Feldwebel Anton Hatner, 4./JG 51, November 1942

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