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In an effort further the knowledge base of one of the greatest airplanes to see service in WWII, I have created a B-26 Research Section. This section contains all the information I have on known B-26s and any help with this project will be greatly appreciated.

02. B-26C-20-MO s/n 41-35018 B/N 32 'Spooks' flown by Lt Chester M. Angell of the 37th BS, 17th BG

03. B-26B-40-MA s/n 42-43308 B/N 68 'New York Central II' flown by Lt Joseph T. Shoeps of the 95th BS, 17th BG

04. B-26C-45-MO s/n 42-07617 B/N 80 'Dizzy Blond flown by 1/Lt Rothkopf of the 432nd BS, 17th BG

05. B-26-MA 40-1508 'The Virginian' flown by Lt Leon (Gilly) Lewis of the 2nd BS, 22nd BG

06. B-26-MA 40-1411 'Martin's Miscarriage' flown by Capt. Barrie C. Burnside of the 19th BS, 22nd BG

07. B-26-MA 40-1415 'Fury' flown by Lt George I. Moleski of the 19th BS, 22nd BG, 'Silver Fleet'

08. B-26-MA 40-1404 'Shittenengitten' flown by Capt. George F. Kahle of the 33rd BS, 22nd BG, 27 August 1942

09. B-26-MA 40-1481 'Dumbo' flown by Lt R.O. Miller of the 408th BS, 22nd BG

10. B-26C-10-MO 41-34891 B/N 06 'Some? Punk-Kin!!' flown by Capt. Wilfred E. Corey of the 437th BS, 319th BG
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