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There are currently 66 side views in this collection. I will be covering every USAAF unit that operated the B-24 during WWII.
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02. B-26D-65-CO 42-40524 'The Red Ass' flown by Lt Wilbur L. Morris of the 530th BS, 380th BG

03. B-24J-175-CO 44-40712 'Plunderbus' of the 864th BS, 494th BG

04. B-24H-25-CF 42-50383 'KING KONG' flown by 1/Lt. James C. Baynham of the 702nd BS, 445th BG

05. B-24J-30-CO 42-73303 'FROZEN. Hot To Go' of the 9th BS, 7th BG

06. B-24M-15-FO 44-50857 'Home Stretch' of the 436th BS, 7th BG

07. B-24J-15-CO 42-73160 'Jungle Jig' of the 492nd BS, 7th BG

08. B-24D-25-CO 41-24302 'Boisterous Bitch' flown by Lt Robert D. Chambers of the 493rd BS, 7th BG

09. B-24J-190-CO 44-40989 'Double Trouble' of the 493rd BS, 7th BG

10. B-24M-20-FO 44-51054 'Flame of the Squadron' of the 493rd BS, 7th BG
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