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Vought F4U Corsairs of the Korean War Page 1
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There are currently 100 side views in this collection arranged by squadron.
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02. F4U-5N Bu.No. 124453 NP21 'Annie-Mo' flown by Lt Guy Pierre Bordelon of VC-3

03. F4U-5N Bu.No.122016 NP18 flown by LTJG Boyd D. Knox of VC-3, Det C USS Philippine Sea, February, 1952

04. F4U-5N Bu.No.124495 NP2 flown by Lt John P. McKenna of VC-3, USS Valley Forge, February, 1952

05. F4U-5NL Bu.No.124504 NP6 flown by LtJg Charles E. Johnson of VC-3, USS Valley Forge, May, 1952

06. F4U-5N Bu.No.124723 NP8 flown by Lt Robert C. Wattenburger of VC-3, USS Valley Forge, May, 1952

07. F4U-5N Bu.No.121976 NP6 flown by Lt William P. Goodyear, Jr., of VC-3 Det E, USS Princeton, September, 1952

08. F4U-5N BuNo.122205 NP4 of VC-3

09. F4U-5N Bu.No.124537 NP23 flown by Lt. John D. Ely, USNR of VC-3, USS Boxer, 1951

10. F4U-5N Bu.No.124539 NP24 flown by LtJg J.G. Stranlund of VC-3, USS Boxer, 1951

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