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If you currently crew any one of the military aircraft featured on this site why not commission a picture of 'your' plane. For full information relating to cost and details I would require please go here.

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21. F-117A Nighthawk s/n 88-0841 'Mystic Warrior' assigned to Maj Rod Shrader 416th TFW, 18 missions Desert Storm 1991
Weapons Bay Door Art

23. F-117A Nighthawk s/n 85-0819 'Raven Beauty' 49th FW 'Black Sheep', Holloman AFB

24. F-117A Nighthawk s/n 85-0835 53rd TEG Det 1, Holloman AFB

25. F-117A Nighthawk s/n 88-0842 49th FW 'Black Sheep', Holloman AFB

26. F-117A Nighthawk s/n 82-0806 assigned to Capt. Ken "Wiz" Dwelle, flown by Capt. Dale Zelko of the 7th FS, February 21, 1999
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